Elevate Your Axe Throwing: Techniques for the Intermediate Thrower

Axe throwing isn’t just about hurling a sharp object at a target, i mean it could be but at its core, it’s an art, a sport, and for many it’s a passion.

If you’ve moved past the beginner stage of axe throwing and looking to take your skills to the next level, we wrote this for you.

Here are some ideas that may help improve technique and just might elevate your axe throwing game.

If you’re a beginner in axe throwing, head over to our post Perfect Your Throw Now: Axe Throwing Guide For Beginers, that might be a better place to start.

1. Your Stance: The Foundation of  Your Throw

While beginner axe throwers often focus on a basic stance, intermediate throwers should pay attention to the little details in their stance.

First you want to make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both feet, basically meaning that your not leaning to far forward or backwards. Leaning too far either way could cause you to release your axe at the wrong point of your throw.

Some experience throwers prefer a slightly staggered stance, with one foot a bit forward, to allow for a more dynamic motion during the throw, but still allowing balance to be distributed evenly between both legs.

So basically, having a evenly distributed balance is your foundation to a strong and accurate throw.

2. Refine Your Grip for Precision:

Your grip on the axe is also an important part of the axe throw.

Sometime throwers find that adjusting their finger placement on the handle can offer more guidance and control.

One idea is placing the index finger slightly on the side of the handle, rather than wrapped around, this could potentially help you guide the axe towards the target by pointing the finger at the target during the release of the axe.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you always need to ensure that any grip adjustments don’t compromise your control or safety.

As we always say, “safety is always the most important part of axe throwing!”

3. The Power of Visualization:

Once you have the stance and grip ready and before even starting your throwing motion, visualize the whole process, visualize your swinging motion, visualize the release, visualize its path and it hitting the target.

This mental exercise can significantly improve accuracy and build confidence in your throw over time.

Once you can Imagine the axe’s trajectory, the rotation, and the satisfying think as it embeds in the target in your mind, throwing axes will become easier and eventually hitting a bullseye every time will be a real thing.

4. Control Your Breathing:

Breathing plays a more significant role in axe throwing than you might think.

Inhale as you draw the axe back and exhale smoothly as you throw.

This controlled breathing technique can help steady your throw and improve accuracy.

Practice this breathing technique even when you’re not throwing axes, the more natural this becomes the less you have to think about it when you’re throwing,

5. Experiment with Different Axes:

Axe throwers can benefit from experimenting with various axes.

Understanding how different weighted axe heads and handle lengths can influence the throw can benefit you in ways you wouldn’t think of, also throwing multiple types of axes is just more fun.

How do you know that the one specific axe is your best choice if you haven’t tried throwing other axes, trying different ones will help you decide what axes you should buy and the ones you should stay away from.

Finding that one type of axe that suits your style can be a complete game-changer!

man throwing an axe at a target on a board, axe throwing.

6. Maximize Your Axe Throwing with Expert Feedback

Every throw you make can have a ton of important insights. To truly improve your axe throwing game, consider seeking guidance from other axe throwing professionals. Many local axe throwing venues, like BATL axe throwing, have professionals on hand who can offer some important insight on your throwing technique.

Recording your throws and watching them can help you improve your axe throwing skills more than you think. Simply set up a camera or your smartphone to capture all your throws.

This can reveal nuances about your stance, grip, release, and overall form that you might not notice without the videos.

Find someone you can share these videos with that can provide an external perspective. They might spot subtle errors or areas for refinement that you’ve overlooked, we tend to be blind to some thing especially when it comes to our own self improvement.

Catching consistent issues in your throws, like landing too high or veering off to the side, can help you catch adjustments that are needed.

By continually analyzing and tweaking your axe throwing approach, you’ll find that your throws become more precise.

Over time, with practice and feedback, achieving that perfect throw will become second nature.

7. Practice with Purpose for Superior Axe Throwing

Instead of just hurling your axe at a target, approach each session with a clear and intentional objective.

Maybe you’re aiming to improve your accuracy, experiment with a unorthodox grip, or perfect a specific technique like a onehanded throw.

Training with intention not only will improve your skills but also makes each throw more meaningful towards your axe throwing progress.

Getting ready for a competition could be your practice purpose, different events use various targets and may require distinct axes. So you may have to learn how to throw a new axe or aim at a target you’ve never used before.

By diversifying your practice – using different axes, aiming at different targets, and training for specific challenges – you’re equipping yourself with a broader skill set and will undoubtedly help you improve your axe throwing skills.

8. The Value of Engaging with Fellow Axe Throwers

Go out and find other intermediate and advanced axe throwers, this isn’t just about improving your axe throwing technique; it’s about immersing yourself in a community that shares the same passion as you do.

Here’s why connecting with fellow enthusiasts can be a game-changer:

1. Different Perspectives: Every thrower has their unique style and approach. By interacting with different individuals, you expose yourself to a variety of techniques and strategies. This diversity can help you find new techniques that may work for you and you’ll find ones that don’t wok for you.

2. Constructive Feedback: While analyzing your own throws can be very helpful, another person can spot little things you might miss. Other throwers can provide constructive criticism, helping you improve your technique and find anything in your axe throwing technique that you might not be aware of.

3. Shared Resources: Whether it’s a new  axe throwing training video, a recommended axe brand, or an new grip technique, being part of a community means you have access to a ton of shared knowledge that you might not be ever find otherwise. This Knowledge sharing can fast-track your learning process a ton.

4. Motivation: There’s something about being surrounded by individuals who share your passion. The friendships created can offer encouragement during challenging times, and can be there even to celebrate big and small successes . That little push that a community can give you is a valuable asset that is hard to find otherwise.

5. It’s a Whole Lot of Fun: Beyond the technical stuff and the pursuit of perfection, let’s not forget the reason we started axe throwing in the fist place… for the joy of the sport. Whether it’s sharing a laugh over a missed target, trying out goofy throwing styles, or simply recounting moments from past sessions, these interactions add a layer of enjoyment that solo practice might not offer.

9. Continuous Learning

Consider attending axe throwing workshops, tournaments  or even consider diving into online video tutorials.

These resources, led by experts, offer valuable insights and hands-on training that will  be super valuable for your axe throwing journey.

For those who are deeply committed, hiring a personal coach can give some very detailed feedback, finding and correcting specific challenges that you might be having with your throw, stance or anything else that could be adjusted.

In this sport, continuous learning is key to staying on top of your game, and who knows… you just might just become a pro!

10. Safety First, Always

No matter how advanced you become, never compromise on safety.

Ensure your equipment is in top shape, and always be aware of your surroundings when throwing. Master Your Craft: The Crucial Secrets to Choosing the Right Gear for Axe Safety

Taking Axe Throwing to the Next Level

Perfecting your axe throwing technique is a long but fun journey, not a destination. As you continue to refine your skills, remember to enjoy the process.

The thrill of hitting a bullseye, the camaraderie of the axe throwing community, and the continuous pursuit of mastery make this sport truly special.

Keep throwing, keep learning, and most importantly, keep having fun!